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Trade Marks

A trade mark is a sign that, when associated with a product, distinguishes it from similar competing products. This may be words, a logo or a combination of the two.


With effect from 1 March 2012, the Intellectual Property Office took over the responsibility for the registration and administration of patents and biotechnological inventions from the Greffe.

Image rights

Image rights are the expression of a personality in the public domain. The provision of image rights in law enables the definition, value, commercial exploitation and protection of image rights associated with a person.


A registered design protects the visual appearance of a product or item and gives you exclusive rights for that appearance to the extent that, if necessary, there is a legal right to stop an unauthorised party from producing or using your design.

Unregistered Rights

There are a wide range of intellectual property rights for which protection is given under law in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Welcome to the Intellectual Property Office website

This site provides information on the various registers maintained by the Office as required under Guernsey intellectual property legislation.

In addition, this site publishes notices in accordance with the various legislation and provides guidance notes to assist in the administration of intellectual property rights.

A general guide to intellectual property in Guernsey can be found here.  

IP Consultation launched 24 June 2015

The Commerce and Employment Department has issued a consultation paper on intellectual property, seeking the views of the public on several issues that have been identified to improve the existing regime .. read more

Image Rights - Register

Since December 2012, the Office has been receiving applications to register Image Rights in Guernsey. Click here to view the Image Rights register (please note that you will need to log in to this website to view the information - full details can be found on this link)

Further information regarding image rights is available in the Products & Services section of the website.

Alan Bougourd, Registrar

24 June 2015