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Why register a Trade Mark ?

Anyone setting up a business in Guernsey should consider the value of the Intellectual Property (IP) in that business and look at protecting that IP in the most appropriate way.

The name and brand of your business is a valuable asset so you should think about registering your trade mark and/or image right. In addition, depending on the nature of the business, consideration should be given to patent and design right registrations along with copyright issues.

Why register a trade mark in Guernsey ?

Registering a trade mark in Guernsey - at a cost of £200 for a registration which will last for 10 years - will give your business protection if you have:

• invested time and money in developing a logo or strap line.
• you have an image/logo or words that distinguish your business from your competitors.
• a competitor that is using an unregistered logo or words that is unfairly confusing or taking unfair advantage of a logo or name that you have owned and used.
• a product or service that is unique and distinctive and you want to have a legal monopoly right to use it.

In addition, once you have registered your trade mark, you may want to sell, franchise, license or exploit your trade mark right. You will also be able to take legal action against anyone who is using your trade mark without your permission.

For further information on registering your trade mark please contact the Registry on tel 01481 743800 or email